Halima & Nedal

Surprise proposal at sunrise in Punta Cana.

It’s well known that Punta Cana is a world famous destination for weddings, honeymoons, romantic photo sessions and of course, love proposals. The turquoise water, the white sands and the perfect blue sky combined with the palm trees are considered a perfect scenery for these unique moments of love celebrations. So, when Nedal contacted us though our IG account asking for pictures of his proposal to Halima, we said: sure! You are in the right place to do that.

We have been so lucky to be able to photograph several surprise proposals and all of them have been unique and obviously, memorable for those who participated in them. Also, we feel honored when they ask us about how, where or when this moment could be.
If you are reading this post and you are thinking of asking the BIG question, there are some things to consider…

We believe we can do this type of pictures anytime during the day but if you ask us we will tell you the best time for this special photo shoot is sunrise. Picture this… the sun rising over the sea, a romantic walk by the shore as the perfect moment when she doesn’t have a clue of what’s going to happen.
That’s exactly what happened with Halima & Nedal. Her reaction was priceless and so genuine that we were amazed with all the situation. It was simple but significant and for sure, it will be a memorable time for them and of course, all was registered by our cameras.

The chosen location was Macao Beach and at that time, there was nobody there. This is a big factor when we recommend sunrise, here is literally nobody at the beach at that time and it what was perfect for some drone shots. So, after the big moment, we shot several romantic portraits in the palms and it was a magical one hour of photography with these two talking about how great their two wedding celebrations will be in New York and Marrakesh!  It’s countdown, guys!!! We really wish you from the bottom of our hearts, a great future together and the chance to see you again soon, maybe in your wedding .