Lisa & Matt

Sunrise engagement photo session in Punta Cana – Lisa & Matt

Few weeks ago, we were contacted by Lisa. She and her fiancé Matt were attending a friend’s wedding celebrated at Hard Rock Punta Cana, so they wanted to take advantage of the trip and decided to make their engagement session here in Punta Cana.

When people ask us what’s the best time for portraits, we always recommend them two options: sunrise or sunset.

If you are not ‘morning people’, maybe sunset works best for you. On this part of the island, the sun disappears behind the palms trees so we are able to capture some silhouettes pictures. Also, depending on the season, the reflection of the sunlight over the sea makes a very romantic atmosphere. After that, you can go directly to have a special dinner.

If you opt for a sunrise photo session, maybe you sacrifice some hours of sleep, but, you can go back to bed right after the session or maybe have the rest of the day to enjoy. Also, the entire beach will be for you, no excursions, no tourist walking around and we cannot tell you how gorgeous is the image of the sun appearing over the sea.

Are you thinking to book a family or couple photo session on your next vacation? Here some tips for you:

-Bring sunglasses
-Bring towels, in case, you decide to go to the sea.
-Bring bottles of water and also a champagne bottle, if you are celebrating an special event.
-You can also bring a change of clothes, we highly recommend this, so you have a chance to get some different pictures.

And don’t forget your cool vibes and smiles, it would be an unforgettable experience!!