Joanna & Ariel

Trash the Dress Session – A Sexy Sunset at Macao Beach – Joanna & Ariel

Are you considering doing a trash the dress session? If so, you should choose the sunset or sunrise time for that. The main reason is the light. As photographers and living in the Caribbean for many years, we how exactly how the light is at any given time of the day.
And let me tell you that it is totally different depending on the month.

Joanna & Ariel got married on June at Kukua Restaurant and decided to do a trash the dress session at sunset. The place choosen was Macao Beach, why that particular place? it’s a splendid natural spot/treasure, perfect for some sexy portraits. The newlyweds relives their wedding day feelings so we didn’t have to ask for more when we were portraiting them.

The chemestry between them and the camera (please see the pictures to understand what we are talking about) was great! The warm light of the sun went away in to the ocean in a way that we didn’t need an extra light for them. It was almost 6.30pm when we ended the photo session and they couldn’t resist going to the sea and play with the water for the final shoots. They really enjoyed their pictures and the whole experience.