Engagement photo session in a cenote in Punta Cana

Engagement photo session in a cenote in Punta Cana

In all the years as local photographers in Punta Cana, we have done hundreds of engagement  photo shoots, but usually most of them were done at the beach. This time, we had an unique experience with Trevor & Erica.

“Since we were doing the site visit of our wedding venue at the beginning of the year, Trevor and I reached out to our photographers about using our included 1-hr photo session from the wedding package on this trip. We hadn’t done any engagement photoshoot, so this seemed like a fun opportunity for us while we were in Punta Cana. However, I asked for a unique request. Since we were getting married at the beach, I knew we would have beautiful wedding photos with the ocean background so Trevor and I took a shot in the dark and asked Georges if there was another location he could think of that was unique to Punta Cana, but not a beach” tells  Erica.

We had the perfect location—but it was a 30 minute drive, then a 20 minute walk to the location.m but it was totally worth it. We offered to pick them up and drive them to the location. They had no problem with the travel or the walk (they are down for adventures) but they were a little bit concerned as the photoshoot was only 1-hour.

We assured them this was not a problem,  once we got to our location, we took our 20 minute walk where we filled them in on some local knowledge and took some gorgeous shots on the way.

“We cannot even begin to say how magical this experience was. Trevor and I were stunned when we got to the cenote. The water was the bluest blue we had seen, and we were completely alone in this stunning place. Not only did the pictures come out absolutely phenomenal, but Trevor and I had a blast jumping in and playing around the water. Georges did not rush us (again, this shoot was supposed to be an HOUR). He let Trevor and I just be with each other, offering guidance on how to position ourselves for photos, but also enough time for candid shots of us just having fun. The entire experience was the highlight of our trip hands down, and I would do it again and again. Everything felt so special, from the serenity of the location, to the little fish nibbling our toes, to the expertise of Georges.

“Georges dropped us off safe and sound back at our hotel. I cannot believe how lucky we are that we had that experience, and I cannot WAIT to do it all again for our wedding in January 2025!!! “ – Erica

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