Cathy & Dieter

Cathy & Dieter – Wedding in La Habana, Cuba

It is a challenge when you are called to do pictures of a photographer in his wedding day, even more when the place you are going is not not your normal-everyday, suited-for-weddings, I-got-this, I-know-what-I’m-doing location.

This talented people, self-driven, filled with energy thought about everything on the planning of this surprise wedding, oceans apart from their beautiful Belgium. Respect. No kidding, we participated on the arrangements and it was extremely difficult to sort things out. Cuba does not offer the best technological communications when it comes to internet, phones, etc. We really need to thank another very talented couple of individuals that helped everybody into making this event possible in the first place. Transportation, logistics, scouting, decoration and casting of the entire staff. Write to us and we’ll tell you how to make one of this dream weddings possible. ;)

We spent 2 full days with Cathy and Dieter driving around Old Habana in old-timers, dining in the best joints of Old Habana, resting in historical and legendary bars, getting some amazing shots done and the most important, getting to know a group of individuals that shortly became our friends.

We wish you to enjoy seeing this pictures as much as we enjoy taking them.