Marlene & Glenn

Melia Tropical Punta Cana – La Barcaza Destination Wedding

Glenn and Marlene grew up in the same very small town, although they never knew one another so she said It was love at first sight. From the moment we met, we were glued at the hip, we were inseparable.

The proposal: when their kids were 3 & 4 they planned a getaway for Glenn’s. While on the cruise, in the middle of the ocean Glenn proposed to her.

They knew that they wanted a destination wedding but it took a while to plan it with two toddlers and demeanding careers. A little over 3 years after they were engaged, they finally made their dreams a reality in Punta Cana.

Glenn said: “We were blessed to be surrounded by the beautiful Carribbean, our family & friends to finally unite in the sacrament of marriage and profess our love for one another for eternity”.

Planning a destination wedding could be very stressful but they were in good hands with Agata from La Barcaza. “It was definitely a wedding that will be remembered by all who were there. Of course the day went by so quick!  said Marlene remembering that day.”