Rachael & Carley

Rachael & Carley’s wedding photosession at Punta Cana

Carley and Rachael met at a BBQ in 2013, after a strange series of events landed them both in Biloxi, MS. Sparks immediately flew as Rachael doubted the grilling skills of such a beautiful girl in a dress, but it would be months before either one acted.

Their first date was a weekend trip to New Orleans, LA in October 2013. Carley showed Rachael around the city and introduced her to her friends. It took a single night of passionate conversation about hopes and dreams for Rachael to know Carley was “the one.” Rachael told Carley that she knew it sounded crazy, but that one day she would make Carley her wife.

Their first big test together came quickly and in the form of cancer. In December 2013 Carley was hospitalized for surgery to remove cancer from her kidneys. Despite the relationship being just a few months old, Rachael took leave from her job as a United States Marine to be by Carley’s side and support her family through the difficult time. Carley came out of surgery successfully and knew by the way Rachael cared for her and interacted with her family that she would be perfect as a life partner.

Rachael proposed to Carley during an Easter egg hunt on the beach in April 2014. The golden egg held a ring and Carley said YES! They were legally wed in Washington, D.C. in May 2014. Carley and Rachael came to the Dominican Republic in May 2015 to announce their marriage and enjoy a honeymoon at the Royal Suites Turquesas in Bavaro. The couple look forward to celebrating life and love with a “new moon” every year and are excited to return to the Dominican Republic to visit us!

Hope to see you very soon, girls :)