Haley & Ryan

Wedding Photography Dreams La Romana – Sunset Beach Wedding – Haley & Ryan

After many beatiful sessions as a Punta Cana wedding photographers, this is one of our latest wedding day done in Dreams La Romana before it changed to Hilton La Romana. So, for those who are planning their big day there, know that a few things might have changed but this stunning sunset view will always be there for you and your better half.

In addition, this resort is conveniently located 45 minutes from Punta Cana and whether you are planning an intimate ceremony or a big wedding party, our wedding coordinator can offer free packages and personalized options to meet each of your requirements.

If you are planning an outside wedding reception, there are some things that you might consider: get the LOVE / I DO light sign. This is become an icon. Then, as photographers, we always are looking for the best light for pictures, and bistro lights are great and you can have them, but they are not very luminous, they will give an special atmosphere for your memories. Go with them! but please make sure you rent white and powerful lights as well.

Finally, even if you are dancing barefoot, a colorful dance floor would be nice! Also, you can consider having sparkles or cold fires, specially for the first dance. Haley & Ryan got all of this and their wedding pictures turned out awesome!

Pictures don’t lie!