Tiffany & Daniel

Wedding Photography – Grand Palladium Punta Cana – Tiffany & Daniel

This year is one of the most difficult for everyone to say the least. Every week, we receive many questions from our future couples asking for the local situation, they want to hear some real news from us. And for the most part, there are not really big changes in the day-to-day.

At this moment, we are receiving a lot of requests for 2021 and 2022, from future couples who are on the beginning of their wedding planning and are full of questions about wedding venues, local vendors, weather conditions through the year, etc. and we are glad to be considered as their guides and being able to be present on their wedding process as we gathered really too much information in all these years.

One of these couples asked us about Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort and we automatically remembered this beautiful wedding we did not that long ago: Tiffany & Daniel.

They got married on the spring, so it was pretty hot (here’s always hot, XD ). The garden gazebo was a perfect choice for their wedding ceremony spot. As you can see on the pictures, with a simple decoration based on some drapes, their guests weren’t under the sun, it was bright enough for pictures and really cool for everybody to have a great time.

The resort is huge (it’s one of the biggest properties in town) so we were able to do a lot of pictures with the newlyweds. Many different backgrounds for different shots, beach, gardens, the buildings, gazebos, etc. every single spot was perfect for some shots. So, right after their family & friends pictures were done and with a soft light we got romantic wedding portraits for just the two of them, it was magical.

The reception was set at Arrecife Restaurant. There were emotional speeches and dances, and a really hilarious situation when cutting the cake XD, but the best part came at the beach bash!!!
After all the formal moments of a wedding celebration, is there a better place than the beach to continue with the party until midnight? Depending on  individual likes but we think you can’t beat beach!!
Tiffany and Daniel knew that! so everyone jumped on the sand to have a blast!!!! Just scroll down to see how great was their destination wedding here!