Gemma & Richard

Wedding Photography Dreams Palm Beach – A stunning beach wedding – Gemma & Richard

Richard and Gemma have know of each other for years. They attended the same school as kids, had mutual friends and growing up and socialised in local pubs waaaaay before he finally pluck up so courage to ask her out. “I dont think it was even courage, I think is was far to many ciders and a the Christmas Spirit that made him tell me that he loved me on Christmas Eve 2010’ says Gemma with a big smile.

They have travelled together, laughed together, cried together and 7 years later they traveled to Dominican Republic, Punta Cana with 32 of their closest friends and family members to celebrate the start of the rest of their lives together.

Their celebration was great! If you are planning have your wedding at this resort, we highly recommend you this spot (on the left side on the shore) for a beach wedding. The palm trees there are the perfect scenery for a Caribbean style and they will look great in your wedding pics.

Gemma & Richard decided to have a reception by the beach too. Despite it was a little bit windy (considering it was winter) the bistro lights were a great option for a fancy decoration.

Fire works and sparkles were nice details to end the celebration and they allowed us get great pictures. You can also consider them on your check list!!! You will not regret about that decision.