Laura & Gillian

Wedding Beach Photo Session in Macao – Laura & Gillian

Due to the particular circumstances we are living on today, our calendar 2020-2021 was modified many times. Some events were cancelled, most of them were postponed and some of them turned into something different. We know how hard this process has been for all of our future couples, but there is always a light to the end of the tunnel they say.

If you are thinking to cancel your destination wedding due to personal situations, you should consider doing a photo session when everything pass. Most likely you will reschedule your flight tickets and your hotel reservations, so this will be a great opportunity to have some amazing pictures by the beach on your wedding attires.

We know, it would not be the same, you’ll miss all the wedding stuff but you’ll have the most important thing with you, your love, and that’s all that really matters.

Laura & Gillian got married in Brazil, but they decided to have a wedding/honeymoon photo session by the beach and forest. We spent with them almost two hours and we all had a great time. We picked them up from their resort and drove to this gorgeous location: Macao Beach.

They enjoyed every single minute of their photo session, there was no rush, we took the time we needed and we were able to go to beautiful different spots. Laura decided to have a very natural make up but if you want something more sophisticated, you can make an appointment with the resort salon or with some local make up artist (for some recommendations, please, contact us). You also can consider to bring your bouquet, how it can be possible? you can keep it or buy a plastic bouquet.

If you really have the chance to reschedule your trip and you don’t want to waste the opportunity to get memorable pictures on your wedding dress, don’t hesitate to book this kind of session :) you will not regret!