Maternity Photo Shoot

Tips for a maternity photo shoot in Punta Cana.

Beside our work as wedding photographers in Punta Cana, we love to do portraits, specially maternity photo sessions. Maybe because we have been there twice and we really enjoyed every moment portrayed.

As we mentioned before, the best times for these pictures are sunrise or sunset, specially if you are planning to visit Dominican Republic in summer season. By sunrise, the weather is nice, the light is soft, probably a little bit windy but there’s nobody around and that’s a big pus. By sunset we have the golden hour which is beautiful, but they present challenges like rapidly changing light conditions in some months of the year and the amount of people at the beach.

It is not a secret that the landscapes in Dominican Republic are perfect for any kind of photo sessions, but a maternity photo shoot could start with some indoor pictures. These images are intimate and they can give a special touch for your photo session. Try to look for some combined outfits and you also can include some sexy lingerie to get beautiful images.

In addition to your wardrobe, make up and some hairstyle is a great idea, not too fancy though and if you’re doing it yourself, you should practice beforehand. Also, you can consider some accessories like tiaras, hats or any props (ultrasound printouts, baby shoes, toys, etc.)

If you are asking when would be the best moment of your pregnancy to do this photo shoot, our recommendation is the second trimester (30 weeks) because the third trimester can be an uncomfortable time. Some mothers-to-be may feel self-conscious about their bodies and uncomfortable being photographed or some poses can result in being difficult to get.

The photo session is about one hour, but don’t worry we will tell you how to pose. Also, we will take some breaks and we will give you some advice that will help them feel more comfortable so you can get the shots you want.

Are you ready to book your maternity photo shoot on your next visit to Punta Cana?