Tiffani & Jackson

Tips to have a big destination wedding in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana is one of the world’s favorite places to have any kind of destination wedding. A few weeks ago, we talked about the elopement weddings. This time it’s turn for big wedding celebrations (50 guests or more).

Tiffani & Jackson had 61 guests and choose Hard Rock Punta Cana as their wedding venue. As we mentioned in many previous posts, this huge all inclusive resort has countless things to do, so we bet, your guests will never be bored here.

Tiffani helped us by sending some advice and tips that we’d love to share with you in case your guest list is increasing…

1) Have a great travel agent! They will facilitate with assisting you in finding your desired resort, room block & date. They will have insight from either traveling to the resort first hand or having previous brides with weddings there as well. They will know which seasons to avoid due to weather or cost.

2) Have a wedding website to keep all information in one centralized place. The guests could access the resort info, travel agent, airport & event info from that site. You can also include passport information and the latest travel updates and warnings for this island. Update your event info as soon as you get new information so guests are always in the loop.

3) Since you have a website, skip ordering the formal invitations and use that money towards your guests. You can include a very detailed itinerary that they can receive upon check in at the resort. They could come and go as they please & always know how to find you. You can include an extra copy in their welcome bags.

4) Welcome bags, have them. Your guests have traveled far and spent a decent amount of money to celebrate with you, so celebrate them. You can include vacation essentials such as hand stenciled jute totes, monogrammed reusable plastic tumblers, sunscreen, mints, gummi bears & a customized Hangover Kit with powdered electrolyte packets and headache medicines.

5) You can organize a Welcome Party or Catamaran trip so all the guests and families have time to meet and mingle with one another. You’re going to be in the same place so why not get to know everyone.

6) For your photographer, write a list with no more than 15-20 pictures to organize your family & friends. It will be very helpful and you will not waste time during the group pictures.

7) Seating chart is a must. There are lovely ideas to organize yours, so nobody seems lost before going to your reception. Check our Pinterest board to have some inspiration on this.

BONUS EXTRA: we’ve had big wedding celebrations without any entertainment show, but if you think that your guests need a push to get fun, you can check some options for your reception like crazy hour, fire shows, live music, etc.