Surprise and Romantic Proposal

Surprise and Romantic Proposal In Punta Cana

Isn’t Punta Cana the perfect place for a surprise and romantic proposal? For sure! But how to ask the BIG question? Where to start? What things to consider for this important moment? Where would be the perfect place for that? If you ask for our recommendation… Hire an expert and just enjoy this remarkable moment.

There are several ways for a surprise proposal. Sometimes, for example, a simple and romantic walk by the beach ending with the question, book an excursion in a helicopter flying to a private beach and then read the question written on the sand, a romantic dinner at a beach restaurant just as an excuse before the proposal, etc.

This time, Juan and Yanibell planned a getaway to Punta Cana but it ended with a new chapter on their relationship. While they spend their days in an all inclusive resort , Juan contacted Luiciana from Bepinevents. He had decided to move on from their relationship with Yanibell and he was ready for the next step, but he didn’t know how to start planning everything.

What about a romantic dinner in a restaurant with a beach view? It doesn’t need to have a sophisticated decoration, a few red roses and a special sign would be enough as a set up for this important moment. And everything was perfect! Yanibell thought it was another dinner with her boyfriend, but little did she know, this time was very different.

We were able to capture the precise moment of her reaction and it was priceless. They had a mini photo session before their dinner and everything turned out great, as Juan expected.

Congrats guys! So now, it’s countdown for your BIG day!