Sukhjinder & Anu

Surprise proposal at Jellyfish Restaurant / Sukhjinder & Anu

A perfect destination for a great proposal.If you are in search of a place like that, be sure to read this post.

Jellyfish Restaurant is a relaxing destination with a premier culinary and unique venue in Punta Cana.Just 20 minutes away from Punta Cana International airport, Jellyfish Restaurant welcomes you with its distinctive architecture that reflects its natural surroundings. Upscale and relaxing beachfront restaurant that highlights fresh locally-sourced ingredients and an eclectic blend of Caribbean, American & European cuisine. It invites you to indulge in the flavors as you soak in the soothing sounds of the ocean.In addition, without a doubt, it has a wonderful view of one of the most beautiful beaches and the finest and clearest sands in Punta Cana, which allows us to take the most beautiful photographs.

Once again, we were called for a great proposal there. Sukhjinder had the idea to surprise Anu in what for her, was going to be just a romantic dinner.
“Anu’s dream has always been to have a beach proposal and Punta Cana was the perfect destination for that with the gorgeous beaches they have. As a couple, we love spending time on beaches and by the sea as much as possible, so turning something we enjoy together into a proposal was perfect and truly magical. I have had an amazing 4 years together and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her” says Sukhjinder.

We planned the idea by agreeing on dinner at sunset. Before ordering the food, Sukhjinder would be absent to “go to the restroom” and surprise her when the curtain that overlooks the beach will rise. To her surprise, it was a beautiful and unforgettable moment and we were there to capture it all!

As well as a destination for a great proposal, Jellyfish Restaurant is ideal for hosting your wedding.  We have shot dozens of destination weddings at this gorgeous venue and we loved all of them.

Finally, we asked Sukhjinder how he had come to us:
“I saw some blog posts of proposals on google and I spent some time reading them. I love the photos you had captured for others as they looked so natural and elegant. The authenticity drawed me as a lot others I saw looked too fake and overly photoshopped. Going with GGGPHOTO was the best decision. You took your time out to ring me and plan every detail of the proposal. You shared all of your fantastic proposal ideas, timings and I really appreciate you taking your time out to do so. You were very friendly and honest throughout the whole process and we can’t thank you enough” – Sukhjinder.

Thank you for choosing us! It was beautiful to be part of Anu’s surprise and a new “Yes!”. Here, we share the moment.