Caitlin & Ross

Sunrise Trash the Dress in Punta Cana – Caitlin & Ross

Everyone knows how stressful a wedding planning could be, specially from very far.
With this in mind, it would be a good idea to consider some fun things to do to enjoy your newlywed status. Did you consider booking a trash the dress session for the day after your wedding day? Are you 100% sure you know what’s that about? Let us explain in detail what we do.

A trash the dress session is a special photo shoot not planned or posed at all, with lots of spontaneous moments and candid emotions. You can use your wedding gowns or NOT, you should know you are not literally “trashing” or ruining your wedding dress, it is probable that it turns wet, sandy or stained, nothing a dry cleaner couldn’t handle. Other options are available, ask us and we’ll explain in detail.

What time is better to start this session? We highly recommend to do the pictures at sunrise or sunset. Why? because the light is amazing, very contrasting and the beach will not to be crowded at all. At the beginning, we may ask you to do a few things but then you will be running into the ocean, sitting in the water, splashing water to each other, rolling in the sand or anything you want and we guarantee that you’ll barely notice that a full hour has gone by! Also, if weather permits, as happened with Caitlin & Ross, we’ll get some drone pictures and video clips. We looooove drone shots!

Things to bring for your trash the dress session?

– Sunglasses, a nice pair for each is enough.
– Towels and a change of clothes or something to put on after. You are not getting in our car all wet, right? XD
– Bottles of water, this is Caribbean weather, trust us you’ll need at least 1 for each.
– An “I’m-going-to-have-fun-Attitude” it definitely helps you to enjoy every single minute of this photo session. (it also works with a drink or two ;-)