The Brittingham Family

Sunrise Family Photo Shoot in Punta Cana / The Brittingham Family

Kelly and her family decided to book a family photo shoot in Punta Cana, being such a beautiful location, compared to their snowy, cold Michigan, the decision was easy. “We love the beach, and the sunrise was just beautiful! We could have done without the wind, but that’s Mother Nature and there’s nothing we can do about that!. Our family vacation in February is our time to be together and enjoy our time as a family, not having to be anywhere else’ says Kelly.

The family stayed at Jewel Punta Cana -former Dreams Punta Cana- in Uvero Alto, about 40 minutes away from the Punta Cana International Airport, but we told them that we weren’t able to do the pictures inside the property because the resort will charge a pretty expensive vendor fee. For that reason, we recommended going to a nearby beach.

So we went to a very secular beach not so far from the resort. We drove for about 15 minutes and it was the perfect timing with the sunrise. “We did like the location, I liked that Georges was familiar with it, and we were able to make some modifications due to the beach and the wind” says Kelly.

GGG: How was your experience with us?

Kelly: “I found your name recommended on a public Facebook Group for the resort we were staying at. I had quite a few people say how great you were to work with and that sold me! I have to agree, Georges and Mili were easy to communicate with, friendly and helpful. My father had passed away the year we were supposed to come, so I had put a deposit down for our pics and then had to postpone it until the next year. And frankly, I had forgotten about the deposit, but they reminded me and I really appreciated that gesture”.

The Brittinghams are all heavily involved in sports, especially travel baseball and softball. Jaxson -the younger member of the family- plays basketball, football and baseball. And they looked very active during the photo shoot. Definitely, we had a great time doing their portraits.