First look – Do it or not?

First look – Do it or not?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you and your partner saw each other before anyone else on the wedding day?

This post was thought for those couples who are debating if to do or not to do a first look, but… do you know what is a “first look”?

The first look it’s about the reaction of the couple to see each other in their wedding attires before the ceremony and before anyone else see them.

We always encourage the couple to generate authentic moments where true emotions will come to light for us to portray. How? Let’s see some ideas…

It is a few minutes of maximum emotion, nerves and true feelings. You and your fiancé will be a step away from saying “yes, I do” and these are your last moments as an engagement couple.

It’s very important to say that some brides choose to have a first look with their fathers, they may have a very close relationship with them and sincerely, sometimes you get a better reaction than with their fiancées, this way it works better. No matter what would be your case, if you decide to have a first look, there are important things to consider before you make the final decision.

First Looks works if…
If you and your fiancé are an unconventional couple and want to do something different.
If you want to enter the ceremony together.
If you want to enjoy your partner alone minutes before the ceremony.
If you want to enjoy your cocktail hour and you’d like to avoid having to go to take more photos.
If you want to have some pictures that capture your emotions in this intimate moment between you.

It’s not for you if…
If you are a couple that likes to follow the traditions.
If you are superstitious.
If you want to keep the magic of your arrival at the ceremony place.
If you want to see his first reaction on the altar.
If you want to share this special moment with your guests.

How should the first look be?

There’s no just one way to do it. You can be as creative as you want. Normally, brides tap on the groom’s shoulder and as he turnes around you get to enjoy his reaction. This is a very exciting moment!

Maybe, instead of a normal first look you can do a “blind look”, where you are talking separated by a door or even just holding hands through it. So, the anticipation, impatience, illusion and desires seem to increase, what do you think?

You will only share this moment with your wedding photographer / videographer, so they can be able to immortalize these unforgettable reactions in which for the first time you see yourself dressed as a bride and groom.

Also, if you want, you can take advantage of the moment to take some couple pictures. So you will have more time to share with your wedding guests later after the ceremony and you will be able to enjoy every minute of your wedding celebration.

Even if you decide to do it or not, select what’s best for you. Surely, one of these options is more “you” than the rest, whether following a tradition or being able to get excited with your partner in a private situation… Remember, this is your day so… follow your heart!