Hannah & Katarina

Same-Sex Wedding – Hard Rock Punta Cana – Hannah & Katarina

Even though gay marriage is not legal in the Dominican Republic, we have been witnesses of many beautiful same-sex love celebrations.

There are not actually restrictions for any LGBT couple who want to have a symbolic ceremony and a beautiful same-sex wedding. Hannah & Katarina found all that they could imagine for their special day at Hard Rock Punta Cana. So, they gathered their closest family and friends and had an emotional ceremony on the beach.

We have to mention that this huge all inclusive and five stars resort has a gay-friendly team members that will come up with innovative ideas for you. This is very important to us since we cannot say the same thing about other resorts in Punta Cana, but we are optimistic that things will change soon.

Hannah & Katarina choose to have a beach wedding and their reception at Sax Pool. Both options are great even when getting married in June, one of the hottest months of the year. The resort also offers some locations with AC, like the huge ballrooms on the mail building, but this time, the ceremony decoration and the reception set up were gorgeous and really worth it to have an outside celebration.

An important thing to consider: if you are planning a big wedding bringing a lot of guests, you must to consider an entertainment show, you and your guests will have extra fun. On top of that, as photographers we’ll have a tons of pictures to deliver to you of amazing moments.  There are a lot of options, you only have to find the best that fits with your crew’s mood. The famous “Crazy Hour” is the one of the best and highly recommended but you can have many other options.