Naomi & Nicola

Same sex wedding anniversary photo shoot / Naomi & Nicola

Our July was one of our busiest months of the year. We had the honor to portray very special unions and people, and our last photo shoot for this month was Nicola & Naomi’s wedding anniversary photo shoot done in Macao Beach.

Nicola and Naomi chose Dreams Punta Cana to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and they decided to come very well accompanied. Together with their 3 children, they hired us to immortalize their memories going to Macao beach for their pictures.

BTW, if you are wondering if it is safe to leave the hotel to have a photo session, we tell you that Macao is just one of the our chosen destinations for photo sessions outside the hotel, but we have others as safe as that one.
In this post, you can read more about it.

Also, if you are traveling to the Dominican Republic for your wedding anniversary or some special event and until now, you don’t have any plans on how to make this event special, booking a photo shoot could be a great idea. There are multiple options of photo sessions. You can choose a trash the dress with just your partner, or with your whole family for a fun and cute session, or a solo photo shoot.

But let’s go back to Nicola and Naomi’s celebration. As they visited us during summer, we recommended they do the pics as early as they could so we drove to this beautiful location on a Sunday morning. The session was very harmonious, with lots of laughter.

We can really say that it was a pleasant moment working with all of them.

Their outfits matched perfectly. Also, they wanted to have a particular element during their pics, so color bombs were used during the photo shoot. They brought some decorative elements ideal for the occasion. We were very lucky that on that morning, the weather was perfect to get the photos with some soft light. We know for a fact that all of them had a good time. ;-)

If you are interested in booking a wedding anniversary photo shoot like these two beautiful ladies, we are more than happy to give you all the information so you can plan in advance and everything will turn out as you expect.

Happy anniversary Nicola and Naomi, thank you for trusting our work!