Emily & Louis

Royalton Punta Cana Wedding – Emily & Louis.

Finding the perfect venue for your big day is not an easy task, specially if you are miles away planning a destination wedding. There are many things to consider before you narrow down on the right location.

So, if you are considering Royalton Punta Cana as your wedding venue, let us tell you a little bit more about this all inclusive resort.

Emily and Louis wanted a smaller resort but one that still had things to do for everyone, that was kids friendly and a reasonable cost for their guests, so it was perfect for them and for their bridal party.

It is a luxury property, and if you are having families with kids attending your wedding celebration, you must know that guests staying here enjoy access to the restaurants and pool areas of Royalton Splash Punta Cana, including one of the Caribbean’s largest on-site waterparks. Pretty cool, right?

The couple also considered the proximity to the Punta Cana International Airport (it’s only 20 minutes) and the entertainment part of the resort, they loved the casino, the diamond club and there were hideaway upgrades available, also a lot of fun activities to do, even for a small place compared with others.

Despite the pandemic, on weekends it was very crowded having only only 2 swimming pools. July is always the peek of the high season so, if you are planning a wedding during summer -specially on July- you must know the this hotel will be crowded. The beach is not the best on the area, but it is quite alright.

The coupled got married at the beach gazebo and it was a pretty good choice. It is a wooden gazebo that with a simple decoration looks very nice. It is actually on the beach, with an ocean view, but you will not stand right on the sand, so if you are thinking to wear heals, you will not have any issues.

Emily & Louis also considered some important factors to choose this place as their wedding venue: “we read reviews, thought about the most important parts of this location to us and found that it meets our needs, we also thought about the hidden fees (even when paying an external vendor fee for photo/video & make up they got more with external vendors than what they would have get with the resort options), and it will all turn out wonderful” said the bride.

“It was a great experience, beautiful area and lots of fun! With COVID it was the first vacation for anyone in a long time. Us and our guests had a blast!” said Louis.