Jacqueline & Brandon

Romantic destination wedding at Grand Palladium Punta Cana / Jacqueline & Brandon

“We met when we were 16/17 at a local restaurant, he was with his friends after a rugby game and I was with my friends at another table.
His friends wanted to ask to sit with us, as his one friend was super interested in mine, but they were all too scared lol.
Brandon walked over and asked if they could sit with us. Somehow by our lucky stars we got stuck sitting next to each other. I always joke he ended up setting himself up, not his friend.
10 years later here we are, married. Seems absolutely surreal but wouldn’t have it any other way” – Jacqueline.

The couple -born and raised in Canada- love to travel together, and they hope to continue to travel to further destinations throughout their future. Some of their favorite memories and travels together are in Punta Cana. Which is why when they decided on their destination they picked Punta Cana as a no brainer.

The idea and thought of being around our favorite and closest people for 1 whole week vs 1 day to celebrate our love definitely sold us on a destination wedding over a traditional at home wedding, says the bride.

GGG: What about your wedding theme?
J: “We are very simple and stuck to minimal decor with blues and greens, the destination itself is the most beautiful decor. We knew what our guests were here to do. Drink. Party. Repeat.

GGG: How was your experience at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?
J:”We actually picked Grand Palladium based on another wedding video we saw – we saw the late night “beach bash” as an addition to the reception and we were sold. It definitely fit our group. We knew it was a large resort with something for everyone , right on beautiful Bavaro beach and said “where do we sign”

GGG: Some advice for future couples for their destination wedding in Punta Cana:
J: “If I could give a piece of advice to any brides / grooms planning their wedding it would definitely be to just enjoy the day, things will not all go 100% to plan , and that’s okay. Remember you’re in paradise ,’with your people ,’marrying your best friend and at the end of the day that’s what matters most.
Also, having a strong photo team that you’ve built a relationship with, I feel it can really make your day when you have strong photographers that know how to take charge, direct and help things go as smoothly as possible, they really made me feel like I missed nothing. (Cause Wedding brain absolutely scattered LOL) and if you’re reading this looking for a photographer GGGphoto is without a doubt a dream team, I couldn’t imagine my day and entire wedding experience without them.