Nadia & Jeremy

Persian & Traditional Wedding celebration at Excellence El Carmen / Nadia & Jeremy

Our April 2022 was very special for us because we were witnesses of two destination weddings with some unique love ceremonies. One of them was Nadia & Jeremy’s wedding celebrated at Excellence El Carmen in Uvero Alto, Punta Cana.

This wasn’t our first time shooting at this place, we’ve been there many times, so let us tell you a little bit about this resort, so maybe you can consider it on your list for your future wedding celebration in Punta Cana.

The resort is about 45’ from Punta Cana International Airport and it is located in Uvero Alto. Nadia & Jeremy fell in love with this place for its infrastructure (the rooms are pretty modern with beautiful views), the food and beverage and the adults only option.
Even while the communication with the resort was be a bit slow, Nadia was completely happy about how their entire wedding celebration turned out. “The onsite wedding coordinator clearly worked very hard to make the wedding beautiful, she didn’t just do exactly what I said, she went above and beyond. We absolutely were so impressed with Johanny” – Nadia said.

So, for the future couples getting married at this gorgeous venue, no worries, you will be in good hands!

Nadia & Jeremy had planned to celebrate 2 ceremonies, a traditional wedding and a Persian wedding. We were warned that maybe the time could not be enough for their entire coverage. For that reason, we recommended them to have a first look and then continue with the photos for their couple shoot. They agreed with the idea so right after their preparation on their wedding attires, we set a specific place for their first time looking at each other before the ceremonies and guess what? Jeremy had a lovely reaction!

As their entire bridal party was already on their clothes, we were able to capture some fun images of them while the wedding planner was finished with all the details for the Persian ceremony.
For those who are wondering what this is all about, let’s share with you the explanation of this beautiful celebration:

“The Persian Ceremony involves the bride and groom sitting behind a table, called the “Sofreh Aghd” which has various items that are meant to symbolize a happy life together. Honey for sweetness, eggs for fertility, coins for wealth, fruit for health, etc. Then, friends of the bride grind sugar over the married couple’s head, again so they have a sweet life together. While the groom answers “yes” right away when asked if he wants to marry the bride, she plays hard to get and does not answer the first and second time. When she refuses to answer the first two times, the families tease the groom by calling out to him that the bride has gone to pick flowers. She then answers the third and final time she is asked”

Right after this celebration, the couple had the traditional ceremony with the ring exchange. Fortunately, the weather was pretty kind so our drone captured the immensity of the place and some special shots of the couple.
Their reception was a blast! Emotive speeches, romantic dances, the “shoe game”, delicious food, a musician playing with a tamborine some Persian songs, we really had infinitive memorable moments to capture, so please go ahead and check it out by yourself!