Stacey & Paul

Gazebo wedding at Grand Bahia Principe / Stacey & Paul

Love is always powerful. And so much so, that it can surprise us overnight.
We have our routines set up, happy, but we don’t imagine that a simple question can bring up so many moments of happiness to our lives, and thus, at the same time, enjoy one more step with the person we love.

Stacey believed that after receiving the car she wanted so much, she wouldn’t need anything else. But surely, months later, she changed her mind. They lived an unimaginable, memorable day, and wanting to relive it!

And since we love to please those who trusted us and continue sharing with them, we are going to relive that day, so that you too can have the feeling of how a simple question can achieve so many emotions and spread so much love.

In addition, we’ll share with you lots of details about the Bahía Principe hotel, chosen by Stacey and Paul to celebrate their big day.

Here’s Stacey and Paul’s story:

“Paul and I have been together for 18 and a half years. We initially met at the beginning of January 2004,
(we can never get it right, so not sure if it was the 1st or 2nd of January) in the Mardi Gras nightclub in Dundee, Scotland, UK.

We were just young pups then (well, I was anyway XD). About 6 months later, Paul left the Navy, then we moved in together after a year and a half.
Paul´s son Shaun moved in with us when he was 14 years old, then in 2009, we had our daughter Macey. Our family was finally complete.

We were never really “the marrying type” but, I wanted to have an engagement ring. We got engaged on December, 2013. I then, wanted a car as I thought this was more important than a wedding, so Paul bought me a car so there was nothing else left I needed so in 2020, we decided to set a date for the wedding. Initially, this was meant to take place on July, 202, however, due to the pandemic, we had to postpone it.
We decided to get married at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana as I fell in love with the garden gazebo and our wedding was planned around this idea.
We got married on the 9th of July, 2022.

Our wedding coordinator Scarlen was amazing, nothing was ever too much for her and she made our day more perfect than we can ever imagine. It was beautiful! I wish we can do it all over again!
And now, I am a happily married woman.”

Thank you Stacey for sharing your story with us. We feel the emotion of that perfect day with you.
From the moment we started working with them, we felt the joy of the whole family spending time together, and being with them in this important step was amazing for us. We were able to see the spontaneity with which they interacted, the laughter, the improvisations, everything was magical and precise for that great moment.

The 5-star Bahía Principe hotel has endless options so you can design the wedding you always wanted, tailored to you, your tastes, your dreams…
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