Daniel, Susana & Catalina

Family Beach Photo Session – Daniel, Susana & Catalina

Is always a good time to book a family photo session and as time goes by so fast, families -specially with kids- love to capture every single moment. So, even on these uncertain times, we can only dream with the next family trip vacations and the best way to keep and treasure those memories.

Talking about outfits…

If you are planning vacations in the Caribbean you have to know that a beach photo session is probably the best choice and the one most of our models prefer since the sceneries are unique. But truth is that are many locations “not beachy” that are simply amazing.
Certainly, there are hotter seasons than others, but for the most part you will have warm weather, so it’s very important to decide which outfits are the most appropriate.

We encourage you to consider matching clothes but it is not a must. You can bring an extra changes of clothes to change in the between. That would give you variety on your pictures. It is more important have some flattering and light colors (white is always great). If you have small kids, you should bring a backup outfit and maybe their favorite toy.

What’s the best time for your pictures?

We always recommend the sunrise or sunset, colors are beautiful. It also depends on the season you are planning your vacations, but a those times the light is just perfect.
We know is hard to wake up early, but catching that sunrise in the ocean and having an empty beach is priceless. In the afternoon the colors are awesome too and you can actually prepare way ahead of time, so take the decision that better suits you and your family.

What you need to bring…

Enough bottles of water for a photo session that may last from 1 to 3 hours (depending on your needs), towels, sunblock, bug spray and sunglasses are necessary. You could consider bringing beach toys if you have small kids. And getting some accessories like hats, necklaces, pareos, even a bottle of champagne with two glasses, or wine if you are celebrating an special event.

The most important thing is: ATTITUDE

As accomplished photographers, we have had a lot of different situations during our family photo sessions in more that a decade, but our recommendation is always the same: no matter what happens, show yourself, enjoy the moment, be positive and have fun, we will take care of the rest.

When you are you ready to book: info@gggphoto.com