Hannah & Jerico

Dreams Punta Cana – An intimate destination beach wedding – Hanna & Jerico

They are high school sweethearts. They have been together for almost 7 years now. And they’ve been engaged for 3 years in October.

Jericho and Hannah have always had a love for traveling and a love for the beach. They’re both laid back people and love the relaxation the beach brings to them.

They decided to get married on Dreams Resort Punta Cana because of the fact that they’ve never been to an island so what better way than to get married on an island.

This wedding was particulary special for everyone who were involved. We have done tons of wedding on this resort, but never with a hurracane warning. That was a challenge for us! No one had any idea what would be happening with a terrible storm lurking close to the island.. The wedding was cancelled, posponed, back on schedule and posponed again, but after several messages with Hannah and the coordinators, we finally had a time and a date.

Everybody thought the worst, but on that day, the sun was shining!!! We had a warm day instead of a rainy one. Their ceremony by the beach, was very emotive.

Their little baby girl had a blast on the reception. She was a tiny dancer. Everybody loved her moves… so did we!

“My wedding day wasn’t at all as I had imagined it to be. I imagined this relaxed morning drinking mimosas with my girls while getting ready for my wedding. Instead I didn’t even know if my wedding was going to happen, our wedding was pushed back due to being evacuated from our resort and we didn’t know we were getting married til 11am that morning. I was completely rushed all morning, losing my mind and just feeling totally overwhelmed that I wasn’t enjoying the time before I walked down the aisle. I’m so thankful I received these photos because even though I was upset and frustrated in the photos I see my baby girl following in my steps and this reminds me to relax no matter what situation I’m in and focus on what’s going on in the moment, and that I always have a little set of eyes on me” (Hannah)

“Despite the rushed morning, once I’ve seen Jericho standing at the aisle a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was so excited to walk down and marry my best friend” as we say, Love always win…