J’koi & Lauren

Big destination wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana / J’koi & Lauren

Do you believe in destiny? They say that when two souls are meant to be together, beyond setbacks, time brings them back together.

“Time and distance kept us apart but there was always a special bond between us.” Words from J’koi and Lauren’s who are examples of a having a destiny together and a happy ending.

15 years ago J’koi and Lauren’s love story began. They met unexpectedly at Montclair State University in New Jersey. J’koi was a RA in Lauren’s dorm.  They worked together at the school’s gym and began to form a relationship. J’koi graduated 3 years before Lauren and moved on to his next chapter in life.
Flash forward to 2017, J’koi made his way back to New Jersey and the two reconnected on a new and special level. Sharing and creating memories to last a lifetime. One year later they were engaged and ready to start their journey to becoming husband and wife.

The couple knew they wanted a destination wedding. The goal was to have an intimate ceremony on the beach with close family and friends in paradise. Considering two of their closest friends had been married at Hard Rock Punta Cana 7 years prior and they had heard nothing but good things, they decided to place their deposit before they even scheduled a site visit. The planning process was for sure stressful. Being so far away from the venue, it was hard to imagine how to bring their vision to life.

Around March 2022, the real work began. It was time to pick tables, lighting, décor, flowers, chairs, etc. for the big dreamed day!
“A month before the meeting we were connected with the incredible Valentina, one of the Wedding Coordinators at HRPC. Valentina’s attention to detail and open line of communication was unmatched. She brought a calm, professional, and loving energy, which was exactly what we needed for our planning process.” Says Lauren.

J’koi and Lauren chose the Hard Rock Punta Cana because it had everything they could dream of. They wanted a venue that would accommodate those under 18 years of age, a place that was in close proximity to the United States, and a place that would provide a party atmosphere filled with multiple food options, pool parties, and good drinks!

So, they found everything they needed in Hard Rock Punta Cana, which has more than 5 styles of ceremonies plus offers for large weddings (It has 7 facilities for weddings with different capacities).
If you’re thinking of celebrating your big day at the Hard Rock Punta Cana, here you can get inspired and here you can see all the details, packages and offers for weddings.

They say that real love always waits. J’koi and Lauren’s are witnesses to this. See it for yourself through these incredible photos.
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