Kelly & Dalton

Beautiful wedding celebration at Dreams Macao / Kelly & Dalton

Dreams Macao has one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana so, getting married there is as much like a paradisiac dream. The natural scenery was simply perfect with the minimum decoration on Kelly & Dalton’s wedding celebration last June.

They opted for a very tropical style for their wedding details, including a bonfire instead of having a regular wedding reception and we have to say that was perfect! With only 14 guests -including their handsome little son- the couple tied the knot in a very romantic way and in a gorgeous location.

We captured them from their preparation in their rooms -we have to say that this all inclusive has the best views in all its 500 rooms- until they decided to jump into the pool as the most incredible end for their special day.

The couple -who hasn’t had a bridal party- was surrounded by their family and closest friends and it made the whole event very special. Around the bonfire on the beach, the couple had their first dance as Mr & Mrs, then the dances with their parents and finally they cut the cake.

Funny fact, in the last picture taken, they had a very special guest, a local doggy, who didn’t wave to appear as part of the celebration.