Madison & Ernie

Beach Wedding at Dreams Onyx / Madison & Ernie

Ernie and Madison met each other when they were 15 in high school, they began dating in grade 10 and have been together ever since. That explains how much in love are these two and how their destination wedding at Dreams Onyx was absolutely a celebration of true love.

GGG: How was all the wedding planning in Punta Cana?

Madison: “We connected with Oksana -our wedding planner- through a family friend and told her we wanted a hands off wedding planning experience. Somewhere warm so that we could enjoy time with our family. We are both pretty laid back people and I think that was reflected in our wedding planning”.

GGG: Did you recommend Dreams Onyx as a wedding venue?

Madison: “Well, we really liked the idea of the water park. Having access to Breathless resort for evening entertainment and a variety of restaurant choices. Our onsite wedding planner Lisbeth planned the wedding keeping our preferences in mind. She and Oksana created a wedding more beautiful than I could have dreamed of. It went seamlessly and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to spend the day with the loved ones that were able to join us”.

Madison’s mom contacted us just 10 days prior to her daughter’s wedding celebration but honestly, she left everything in our hands with absolute confidence, so we guided them in terms of the timeline for their wedding pictures and the results were great. The bride and the groom were thrilled with the whole experience. The wedding day was particularly sunny even when we were in autumn -usually we have a lot of rainy days in this month of the year- but all the wedding group enjoyed a lovely sunset reception by the beach with very kind weather.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mc Donnell !!!