Sara & Jeff

Wedding Photography – Punta Cana gazebo ceremony – Sara & Jeff

Sara is a teacher and Jeff works for a communications company in Calgary, Canada and here is their love story…

“He came to install my cable and internet in my apartment and that’s how we met. So we called him cable guy for a while and still do today”, sounds like a romantic movie screenplay, but it’s not, that was exactly that happened. “He asked me out which at first I thought was weird that the cable guy was asking me out but I was single and thought I’d give it a shot. We went on a date and hit it off. That turned into many more dates and then the rest is history” says Sara with a big smile. About the wedding planning, her thoughts were:  “It has been tedious because I am not a planner of things like this. I would prefer if they made all the decisions for me haha”. Her wedding planner, Maria, took care of all and it was simply perfect.

They got married at the garden gazebo on Dreams Punta Cana in Uvero Alto. It was a rainy day, Hurricane Maria have passed by the north of the island a few days ago, however after the storm, the view of the ocean was pretty cool, so calm… perfect for some romantic shoots with a dramatic sky.  Their reception was celebrated indoors and had emotive speeches and funny moments as usual.

About their experience with us: “We are so happy with all of the photos they took and booking GGGPHOTO was definitely the best decision. The slideshow they made for us was really great and I know I will watch that over and over again to relive our wedding day from start to finish”