Michelle & Johnny

Wedding Photography Hard Rock Punta Cana – Beach Ceremony – Michelle & Johnny

If your wedding venue in Punta Cana is at the Hard Rock, this is an all inclusive resort that will fulfill and exceed all your expectations with its white sand on their extended beaches. If you still not convinced that the Hard Rock would be the ideal destination for your wedding venue we can also tell you that among all the options that this resort offers for your big day are, the floating gazebos; which they stand out when you are ready for the “I do.” 

In this occasion Michelle & Johnny opted for a ceremony by the seashore. Indeed an spectacular decision!

Michelle shone at all times next to her beloved Johnny. The atmosphere was fantastic, full of joy and love.

On top of that, bride & groom offered a fun and hilarious wedding party that had all guests at their most fun of the night. This show it’s called “Hora Loca”, dominican version. There was 45 minutes full of music, balloons, local entertainers and the DJ mixing the best tunes for a night of fun, dancing and celebration! We always recommend to have some kind of entertainment for your reception time because that give us multiples situation for great pictures! and also, the fun is guaranteed.

An excellent option that will bring your wedding event to the max. Michelle and Johnny chose Hots Productions as organizers and it couldn’t had been a better choice. They have several themes for Hora Loca, and all of them will make your wedding dream party come true.

Congrats Michelle and Johnny for choosing us as your wedding team!

Enjoy the pics of this beautiful celebration.