Megan & Tommy

Wedding Photography – Hard Rock Punta Cana  – Megan & Tommy

Did we already mention that we love Hard Rock Punta Cana as a venue for a destination wedding in Dominican Republic? Believe us, we did, many times!

Every time we go there, we find new spots to photograph. And that, as wedding photographers is definitely a plus!
So, when we are asked to recommend a place to celebrate a wedding, Hard Rock Punta Cana is one of our top choices. You and all your wedding group will never get bored there and you really have a lot of things to do. We only have great things to say about their wedding planner team. They are very helpful and they make your wedding dreams come true.

Megan and Tommy were both born and raised in New York; Megan from Staten Island and Tommy from Long Island. In 2010, they met while attending York College of Pennsylvania and began dating weeks later.

In June of 2017, Tommy finally proposed at their favorite restaurant surrounded by their family. The couple knew for years that they wanted a destination wedding, so with the help of their family friend/travel agent, they quickly decided on Hard Rock Punta Cana. During their site visit in the summer of 2018, Megan and Tommy met with Georges, to discuss their upcoming February 2019 wedding. The couple decided on a full day of photography and videography (they were a big group, more than 100 guests attending this celebration), along with an extra photo shoot at their welcome party the night before their big day. The pictures turned beautiful! We do recommend our StarFish Collection when the group is this big.

Thanks Megan and Tommy for your trust in us and now we have new friends. See you in New York!