Christine & Nicholas

Wedding photography – Dreams Palm Beach – Christine & Nicholas

Nick and Christine got married last summer at Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana surrounded by their best friends. “Our hearts were so full of love that you can get to see it on the pictures.

  1. “…I’ve always wanted a destination wedding. I was married before and I didn’t want a huge traditional wedding this time around, so when researching destinations for weddings, Dreams Palm Beach was the most reasonably priced, the most responsive to my emails and millions of questions that I had and also it is a beautiful all inclusive resort…” says Christine with a big smile.

The weather on this beautiful island is always hot, but the heat increase on July and August. So, if you are thinking on getting married on those months, we highly recommend you to do a search of the best spot on your wedding venue. “…The garden gazebo was chosen because we wanted a little more shade for our bridal party since we have decided to have our reception on the beach. Plus we wanted some different pictures. By the way, we love them!!!…” says Christine.

For hairstyle, the beautiful bride opted for an updo. Great choice! We always advice against leaving your hair down. Remember, you are getting married in a windy and humid Caribbean beach and if you hair is loose it may look disheveled and most certainly will cover your face for most pictures.

The love story between Nicholas & Christine is simply beautiful and it is a proof of true love. They met when she was a health coach and quickly became friends. It was a few years later that she fell in love with him during one of the lowest points in her life, just out of a failed marriage. He was patient with her and taught her how a man should treat a woman. They had a dreamy wedding and we were very lucky to be able to portrait them on one of the most important moments of their lives.