Ashley & Bryan

Wedding photography – Dreams Palm Beach – Ashley & Bryan

Dreams Palm Beach is a perfect wedding venue if you are thinking in an intimate celebration. With hundreds of weddings done here, we are able to say that this all inclusive can offer a variety of locations for your ceremony and reception.

Ashley & Bryan, from Nebraska, US. decided to have a beach wedding, even when they got married in November, a month with high chances of rain and wind.
Nevertheless, they enjoyed a sunny day, but also, the resort has a beautiful garden gazebo and three more beach options to celebrate your ceremony. Professional photography advices – Sea Side grill is the best spot.

One important thing to consider on your wedding planning is the time for your ceremony. If you are having a large wedding group, we highly recommend to set your ceremony not later than 4.00pm so you will have enough time for your group pictures and your newlywed photo session before the starting of reception

Regarding your reception, if you are bringing around 30 guests -as Ashley & Brian did- the pool island is a good choice. A plus: the bistro lights. They are held by the palms trees around and they create a really great atmosphere for pictures So, if you are considering them on your budget, you will not be disappointed.

Finally, there’s a lot of options for entertainment -ask your wedding planner about them- this time, Ashley & Bryan really surprised to all their guest with the fantastic fire dancers. Everyone enjoyed the fire show and it was like “the cherry on top” on this wonderful destination wedding.