Hard Rock Punta Cana locations.

Hard Rock Punta Cana locations for your destination wedding.

Hard Rock Punta Cana is one of our favorite wedding locations in Dominican Republic because it offers several great spots where you can celebrate your wedding ceremony with a Caribbean style. This all inclusive resort is a great place to be, your guests will have plenty things to do and they will not get bored at all, but if you’re still debating if this place is the right one for your celebration maybe this post can help you to make your final decision.

Now, if you are already a Hard Rock bride, next step is to choose the best locations for your wedding ceremony and for the reception and based in our experience, we must say that to make these decisions you should consider many things:

If you are planning a destination wedding during spring and summer season (April – August) maybe the beach areas would be a good option for your ceremony, because the chances of rain are minimal, but definitely, it will be pretty hot.

Harmonica Palafitte:

This spot is perfect for big or small weddings. It has a maximum capacity of 150 persons. Also, if you have heels, don’t worry, there is a wooden walk so no sand on your feet. You also have the option of Harmonica Beach with is right next to it and has no wooden surface to walk on, you will have to walk on sand which is pretty cool when you want to get married barefoot or wear “barefoot sandals”.

Isla beach:

It’s located a few yards from Harmonica Beach and it has a perfect Caribbean scenery with two palms trees as background. There’s no wooden walk but if you have a generous budget you can rent one or put some structure like a carpet.

This area is not only for wedding ceremonies, you also can have your wedding reception there but as we always say, it depends on the weather, in summer it could be pretty hot but from November to February ti cools down but it is also the rainy season.

Ipanema Beach:

Located at the right side ocean view, it also has a wooden walk but it is pretty far from the shore so as photographers it is not the best spot for your wedding pictures during your ceremony. there could be some sneaky tourist in the background.

Harmonic Gazebo:

It’s not a common venue for wedding ceremonies but if you are looking for some shade for you and your guests, it could be a good choice. You can also have your wedding reception there but, it is necessary two areas for the complete set up. One for the dinner and another one for the dance floor, so if you are bringing a lot of guests this may not be for you.

Piano & Trumpet Gazebos:

We’ve done several weddings in both places, specially religious celebrations since there are not allowed to take place by the beach. Their maximum capacity is 90 people and you can also celebrate your cocktail and/or reception there.

Toro Terrace & Element Terrace:

Both terraces have incredible ocean views where you can see beautiful sunsets. Their capacity is more than 50 persons and with an appropriate decoration (bistro lights and dance floor) they look incredible nice but a hard rain can ruin your celebration. Another cons are that they don’t have elevators and the restrooms are downstair so, if you are bringing people on wheelchairs or special needs guest, it could be a major problem.

Canal Reception:

Even though at the moment is currently closed until further notice, this location is one of the most unique and special spots for your wedding celebration at Hard Rock Punta Cana. We have seen gorgeous weddings there and beautiful receptions like this one.

The only con is that you must rent an acrylic platform and it could be a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Sax Pool:

It has a maximum capacity for 200 persons. It’s not necessary a dance floor but some bistro lights could give a romantic atmosphere for your celebration.


We have seen pretty fancy reception decorations there, including drapings, chandeliers, colorful dance floors, tents, etc so if you are having a special budget for decoration, this is YOUR option! Also, if your wedding is during summer, we highly recommend you to have an indoor party, you and your guests will be cooler with the air conditioning and private bathrooms.