Anya & George

Hard Rock Hotel – A glam Golden destination beach wedding.

Five years ago, George & Anya met each other in Washington DC on a school night. “He was lucky LOL… well we BOTH were lucky” said Anya with a big smile.

Little did they know at the time, they were both what they’d prayed for, a met from God… As friends, they became best friends, as best friends they became lovers and the story begun.

Their wedding was celebrated at Hard Rock Hotel. The ceremony -in the middle of the beach- was set up with a stunning decoration. Did we mention before that we love weddings with lots of details? You can’t imagine how many beautiful pictures we did just with decoration…

After the romantic sunrise photo shoot , everybody was waiting for the couple to begin the reception.  During dinner, we heard the most emotional speeches and funny stories about the couple.

They’ve set up a special table with mimosas and drinks for their bridal party. An excellent idea! We loveeee mimosas…

The dance floor never was empty… everybody enjoyed every single dance until the end.

A big hand for this awesome people and their dream wedding.