Megan & Andrew

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana – A gorgeous beach destination wedding – Megan & Andrew

“Drew and I met through a mutual friend who thought we would get along well because we have similar senses of humor. I was at a sushi bar having what I thought was a girls night, but my friend had invited Drew and his roommate to join us. That was the first time we saw each other, though Drew had asked about me once before when he saw a picture of me” says Megan when we asked her about how did they meet …

“I was attracted to Drew’s easy going personality and his humbleness about his successful poker career. Drew says what got him was my genuine, big smile and how thoughtful I am” . We realized that all these words were true when we met him in our first meeting at HRPC. Actually both – Megan & Andrew- were so kind to us and easy going people that we just knew their big day will be a blast! And it was…

Their celebration of love could not be better. On their wedding day, the sun shone and the sky was really clear!! despite it was on November (almost Winter time/wet season) when sometimes it is mostly cloudy. For their newly-wed photo session, we toured the entire hotel showing them all the beautiful spots for their pictures and both of them were really good models, we couldn’t ask for more.

Their reception party, celebrated at the ballrooms, beautifully decorated, was simply great. Emotional dances, warm speeches and the Hora Loca”, Dominican style, were some of the lovely moments that they had and we were there to witnesses this blissful celebration.