Carol & Melvin

Dreams Dominicus La Romana – Dreamy destination wedding

One night in July, 2013, Melvin decided to take on an free dating trial that was being promoted by Zoosk via Facebook.  He was not very interested in trying online dating since he had tried it before with no luck. As he signed in he saw an amazing profile of a beautiful young professional woman whose awesome story and pictures captured his attention instantly.

As such, after checking out her profile he had concluded that she must have been taken already by another “Casanova”.  He didn’t know that her profile had a feature that would notify this woman that he has been checking her out without messaging her.  After that, he received a message from her. He was perplexed as he read the words that he would never forget…

She wrote to him: “All that attention and not love?”. He replied to her “I was going to bypass you again but I knew I would kick myself in the behind later if I did not talk to you so here I am”, LOL. He thank God to this day he did replied to her right away. He asked her out and ever since it has been nothing but wonderful memories and anecdotes that developed into the wonderful marriage they just started to live.

This is not another simple love story what begun with a online dating service. These two are a perfect match as you can see on their photos. Despite the bad weather during their wedding day, they never lost their smiles and good mood. They enjoyed every second of their celebration at Dream Dominicus in La Romana.

Their latin-american roots were always present giving a special touch for the celebration.

Also, their adventurous souls allowed us to do a unique underwater photo shoot in an exotic place (ask us about it ;).

We really spent a fun time and all the effort that they did worth each picture! Thanks for sharing your happiness and fantastic vibes with us!