Vanessa & Orlando

Beach wedding in Dreams Macao / Vanessa & Orlando.

Who doesn’t love new experiences in life? New places to explore, new countries and cities to visit, new things to learn, but yes, planning a destination wedding is not a game, specially in the middle this Covid crazy pandemic. For us, as wedding photographers in Punta Cana, we always love new locations to shoot. So, when Vanessa & Orlando told us about their wedding venue in Dominican Republic was the new all inclusive Dreams Macao, we were pretty excited!

We had several weddings in other Dreams, like Dreams Punta Cana, Palm Beach and Dominicus and all of them were great experiences, Dreams Macao has an extra bonus for us: the beach, one of the most beautiful on this area.

“We chose Dreams Macao for our destination wedding because of our travel agent! She gave us basic information and said they were a new resort. Well, we decided to give them a chance. We cannot express how absolutely happy we were with our decision. It was a stressful process. Mostly, for me the bride! However, our wedding planner on site was more than what we could have asked for. She was there step by step through email of course. I cannot stress to any bride enough that it will all come together and to not stress! I stressed so much prior to my wedding for nothing! says Vanessa.

Dreams Macao was supposed to be open on June 2020, but worldwide pandemic changed it. Months later, this resort, located about 35 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, opened its doors. The wait was worth it. This all-inclusive family resort is in the middle of Macao Beach, a local Dominican town. The beach is stunning, with turquoise water, white sand, palms trees, this scenery is just perfect for a Caribbean destination wedding. The sun rises over the sea and disappears behind the palms, so if you are looking for some romantic getaway, we highly recommend you to check this place before make your final decision.

Macao is a fisherman village, so on the shore, you can find local restaurants with Dominican food, fresh fish and also a lot of shops with a variety of beautiful souvenirs. It’s also a place where local people goes to relax and enjoy the beach, specially on Sundays and a lot of excursions meet here as well. So, if you have no troubles to get in touch with Dominican culture, this is your resort! Macao is also well known for their waves, so there is a neighboring surf school where you can take lessons and ride the waves.

For Vanessa and Orlando, this place was perfect for their celebration. “We got the wedding we wanted and how we wanted it. We’ve chosen a destination wedding because our guests list was at 212 people excluding friends. We wanted this day to be more about our love and we knew the people that truly wanted to be there would be there. And we will forever be so grateful for them all”

About the resort: “Everyone  waited on us hand and foot. They were exceptional! Excellent and so welcoming! They all helped bring your visions into reality. The food was amazing. Different than the options we had at the restaurants which was great. I want to be realistic with you so I have to say, for us there were not many cons. We were on cloud NINE our entire stay! We honestly cannot complain, I think it’s mostly important to chose a place you know all of your guest will enjoy. We had a wide range of ages and not one person was unhappy” says Vanessa.

We’d really love to come back to this place for another wedding celebration.